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According to, cyber security may be the best field for veterans right now. We simply do not have enough veterans to meet this demand.

We help veterans civilianize their skills and launch their new career in 8 weeks or less. Let me tell you why veterans are needed in Cyber Security and why so many are coming to Tampa to maximize their opportunities.

Cyber Security–It‘s all about supply and demand.


Where is the greatest demand for your skills with the greatest shortage of qualified people? Even better, in what field do your current skills transfer and you can get started in a lot less time.

Stories about Cyber Security, hacking and data breeches are constantly in the headlines. This creates huge demand. According to the Cyber-Security Business Report there are expected to be 3.5 million jobs by 2021. The cybercrime epidemic is expected to triple the number of open positions over the next five years.

According to, cyber security may be the best field for veterans right now. Veterans already come in with basic skills for this field. They make an easier transition because they already understand defense of depth, redundant systems and active defense which makes them especially suited for these jobs, but there is more:

DOD 8570

There is a regulation called DOD 8570. For any company that deals with the government and that will have access to sensitive government data, they must have people with the certifications required to their position. This is a legal requirement. Many of these positions also require a security clearance, something veterans often have. Again, this means the supply of qualified people is smaller compared to the demand. This means better pay and more opportunities for growth.

The demand is even greater if you have a top-secret clearance.

Cyber Security Salaries

So how much can you make in this field? According to Global Knowledge recent salary survey, this is what the average salaries are for some of the entry level certifications:

CompTIA A+                          $79,877.
CompTIA Network+              $81,601.
CompTIA Security+               $89,147.
Cisco CCNA                           $83,945.
Microsoft MCSA Server        $93,718.

The Cyber Security Residential Program


Why are so many veterans choosing Tampa? We have many Fortune 500 companies here, all scrambling to hire certified veterans. We simply do not have enough veterans to meet this demand.

So how do you get into this field?

New Horizons


New Horizons of Tampa Bay, Florida, offers one of the top IT Cyber Security and 8570 Department of Defense training programs in the country! We are the world‘s largest independent training company, the world‘s largest Microsoft and Cisco certified training partner. New Horizons is a designated military friendly school and the largest partner in CompTIA‘s Troops to Technology program.

Our Cyber Security residential program allows you to graduate in just 6-8 weeks living in one of the world‘s most popular vacation destinations. We put you up in an extended stay inn and the weekends are yours to enjoy in one of the best places to live in the country. We have partnered with a staffing agency that works with you to help you get placed.

Within just weeks you can receive the training you need to get into this field, get certified and then we work with our staffing partners to help you start your new career.

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